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Digital Pianos

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A Classical Digital Piano is focused on being a piano.  It does often have a small selection of extra sounds, recording abilities and functions such as pitch transpose and metronome plus the ability to connect to a computer for use with software but first and foremost this is a piano.

An Ensemble Digital Piano is still firstly a piano however it comes with a large selection of instrument sounds and rhythm accompaniments (like playing in a band: play along with a drummer, rhythm guitarist, bass player, brass accompaniment, etc).  There are also greater options for recording and sound editing.

A Portable Digital Piano is still a piano with 88 note weighted and graded piano keys and a sampled piano sound.  But it comes in a smaller cabinet making it great for easily transporting and for putting on it’s end or under the bed when not in use.  We’ve also included stage pianos in this category (portable pianos designed for stage use)

Still confused?  Why not drop in and see us to see and hear for yourself the differences or give us a call and we’ll talk you through it all!