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Viscount Envoy 33-DFV Classical Organ

RRP: £13,500

PRICE: £13,500

33 Physically modelled voices (fully customisable to suit preference) with illuminated drawstops.

  • With 32 note radiating and concave pedalboard
  • 33 illuminated push drawstops stops
  • 4 preset organ styles: English, Romantic, Baroque and Symphonic (4 user defined styles)
  • 2 x 61 note tracker touch keyboard
  • Standard Model (33-DFV): Dark oak vinly veneer with vinyl roll cover (£13,500)

Viscount Envoy 33-DFV Classical Organ

What is Physis?

Viscount’s Physis (Physical Sound Modelling) technology is basically the state of the art next stage on from sampled sound technology (as used in Viscount’s Cadet range of organs). Physis technology picks up all the small and subtle changes to the sound depending on number of stops drawn and notes being played. These sounds occur in acoustic pipe organs but are often not picked up in digital sound sampling. These sounds make an organ unique and create the real life like feel of the Viscount Physis organ.
As Physis organs are software based the instruments can benefit from improvements and additional details to allow greater future sound flexibility.

The organs are also fully customisable allowing us to create the perfect sound to suit the needs of the organist and the organ’s environment.


Keyboard 2 x 61 notes “tracker touch” keyboards, with velocity control for MIDI and Orchestra sections.
Stops 33 + 5 Orch. Hundreds voices in the internal sound bank (Drawknob)
Pedals 32 notes straight, straight concave, radiating concave
Voices Man III
Organ Styles 4 Preset + 4 User. Hundreds sound styles can be loaded and/or stored from/to internal memory and pen drive
Voices Manual I Geigen Diapason 8′, Chimney Flute 8′, Echo Gamba 8′, Voix Celeste 8′, Geigen Principal 4′, Wald Flute 4′, Flageolet 2′, Sesquialtera II, Mixture IV, Contra Fagotto 16′, Cornopean 8′, Oboe 8′, Celesta, Chimes, Tremulant, Midi
Voices Manual II Double Diapason 16′, Open Diapason I 8′, Open Diapason II 8′, Claribel Flute 8′, Stopped Diapason 8′, Principal 4′, Harmonic Flute 4′, Twelfth 2-2/3′, Fifteenth 2′, Mixture IV, Trumpet 8′, Clarinet 8′, Piano, Strings, Tremulant, Swell to Great, Midi
Voices Pedal Sub Bass 32′, Open Wood 16′, Open Metal 16′, Bourdon 16′, Principal 8′, Bass Flute 8′, Choral Bass 4′, Mixture IV, Trombone 16′, Cello, Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Midi
Alternate Voices per stop Selectable additional sound for each stop
Couplers 3
Divisional Memories 288 (tens of thousands with pen drive)
General Memories 96 (tens of thousands with pen drive)
Controls Swell Pedal, Crescendo Pedal
Recording Interactive song sequencer with overdubbing function
Disk Drive Usual Usb pen drive can be used as mass storage
Terminals 5 Speakers (2 x 60 Watt + 1 x 100 Watt)
Other Features Insufficient Air Pressure Effect, Ensemble Effect,  Keyboard Inversion, Sequencer Remote Control, Output Router, Independent volume control and equalizer for each chanel,  Physis Editor( Full personalization stop by stop and note by note)
Toe Pistons
Auto Pedal Yes
Amplification MIDI In/Out/Thru, Heahones, Stereo Aux In, Mic In (with gain control), Multiple Line Out (5, 13 with output optional expansion board). USB device, USB to Host
Transposer Yes
Dimensions (WxDxH) 143x123x111,2
Finish Elegant console in dark oak color, elegant lighted music rack, roll cover and matching bench
Optional Accessories Free Scottish Mainland Delivery and Installation