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Viscount Cantorum VI Portable Classical Organ

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A portable 61 key organ for classical music with programmable two manual and pedal mode for real organ performances, all at a great budget price! The interface is very simple to use.\n\nAll samples are
stereo, and the deeper and higher pitches are localized in the sonic spectrum so to simulate a real pipe configuration. The sound quality is excellent due to the special double material cabinet, in synthetic
material and real wood. There is a ‘split’ function and four organ styles (Baroque, Symphonic and Romantic) with independent voice volume regulation. The keyboard is made with an exclusive technology,
that simulates the tracker touch of a real pipe organ.

Viscount Cantorum VI Portable Classical Organ


Keyboard 61 Keys special liturgic keyboard
Stops 22
Pedals Optional Expression Pedal
Organ Styles 4 (Baroque 1 and 2, Romantic, Symphonic)
Voices Manual I Gamba 8′: Bourdon 8′; Vox Celeste 8′; Offenflute 4′; Nasard 2 2/3′; Zimbel 3f.; Trompete 8”
Voices Manual II Prinzipal 16′; Prinzipal 8′; Rohrflute 8′; Oktave 4′; Spitzflute 4′; Nasard 2 2/3′ Superoktave 2′; Terz 1 3/5′; Mixtur 4f.; Trompete 8′;Oboe 8′; Tremulant
Voices Pedal Prinzipal 16′; Oktave 8′; Gedackt 8
General Memories 6 buttons, A/B memory bank selection button (12 total)
Controls Master Volume; Bass-Man. I / Man. II Balance ; Reverb, Split (set point) button; Man. I Octave Up and Man.II Octave Down buttons; Organ Style 4, position button; track 1 and 2, Rec, Start / Stop buttons. Reverb with slider depth control
Recording No
Disk Drive No
Terminals –  Panel Pitch, Headphones, 2, Outputs (L + R), Volume Pedal, AC
Other Features 2 Track sequencer
Auto Pedal Yes
Amplification 2x22W
Transposer +3/-3
Optional Accessories Optional stand, expression pedal