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Viscount Cadet Compact 31-S Classical Organ

RRP: £7,250

PRICE: £7,250

A two manual, 61-note classical voiced organ with 30-note pedalboard but in a condensed slimline console. 31 speaking stops and a total of 110 classically sampled English, German & French pipe voices accessed through the built in control centre. 6 Divisional Pistons, 6 General Thumb Pistons with 8 levels of memory. Two expression pedals. Internal stereo amplification system. Ideal as a home practice instrument or for small church installation.
Bench included. Deluxe model is of same specification but in a real wood veneered finish. 30-note radiating/Concave pedalboard.



Keyboard 2 x 61 keys, Special Tracker Touch
Stops 31 (110 Total Voices – 5 styles)
Pedals 30 note (straight or straight concave), Optional 30-note radiating/Concave/ Radiating Concave pedalboard
Organ Styles 5
Voices Manual I Double Diapason 16, Open Diapason 8, Claribel Flute 8, Principal 4, Harmonic Flute 4, Twelfth 2.2/3, Fifteenth 2, Tierce 1.3/5, Full Mixture IV, Trumpet 8
Voices Manual II Rohr Flute 8, Salicional 8, Voix Celeste 8, Principal 4, Stopped Flute 4, Flageolet 2, Mixture IV, Contra Fagotto 16, Cornopean 8, Oboe 8, Clarion 4
Voices Pedal Open Wood 16, Open Metal 16, Bourdon 16, Principal 8, Bass Flute 8, Choral Bass 4, Mixture IV, Trombone 16, Trumpet 8, Clarion 4
Alternate Voices per stop 3 to 14
Couplers Man.I/Ped, Man.II/Ped, Man.II/I
Divisional Memories 6 Division Memories for Swell and Great
General Memories 6 (8 memory banks)
Controls Set, Cancel, A.P., Tutti, Enc, HR
Recording No
Disk Drive No
Terminals   MIDI In/Out/Thru, Headphones, Stereo Aux In, Double Stereo Line Out, Reverb, Stereo Line Out, Stereo Loudspeaker Out (Optional)
Other Features Adjustable Tremulant, Reverb (8 Types), 6 Temperaments, Man.II/ Man.I Keyboard Inversion, 5 Band Equalizer ( independent on internal amplification and each stereo line output)
Auto Pedal Yes
Amplification 3 x 70 Watt (2 full range speakers + 1 woofer)
Transposer +5/-6
Dimensions (WxDxH) (DxWxH) 112 x 126 x 119 (cm)
Finish Dark Oak Cabinet
Weight (kg) 110kg