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Viscount Cadet 21-D Classical Organ

RRP: £4,000

PRICE: £4,000

A single manual classical organ with programmable two manual and pedal mode for real organ performances but with unique portability and affordable price. The sound quality is excellent for an organ of this size. Offers keyboard split function and four different organ styles. Includes a built-in 2 track sequencer/recorder. Real Dark or Light Oak Finish. Contact us for further info.

Viscount Cadet 21-D Classical Organ


Keyboard 61 keys, Special Tracker Touch (velocity sensitive for midi voices)
Stops 22 (4 Preset Organ Styles: Baroque 1&2, Romantic, Symphonic)
Pedals Expression Pedal
Organ Styles 4 (Baroque 1 and 2, Romantic, Symphonic)
Voices Manual I Double Open Diapason 16, Open Diapason 8, Claribel Flute 8. Principal 4, Harmonic Flute 4, Twelfth 2.2/3, Fifteenth 2, Tierce 1.3/5, Full Mixtur IV, Trumpet 8, Oboe 8
Voices Manual II Rohr Flute 8, Salicional 8, Voix Celeste 8, Stopped Flute 4, Flageolet 2, Mixtur IV, Trumpet 8
Voices Pedal Open Wood 16, Principal 8, Bass Flute
General Memories 6 buttons
Controls Master Volume, Bass-Man I/Man II Balance, Reverb, Split (set point) Man I/Man II Octave Up/Down, Adjustable Tremulant
Recording 2 Track Sequencer
Disk Drive No
Terminals Line Out L(Mono)/R, Aux In L(Mono)/R, MIDI In/Out, Headphones
Auto Pedal Yes
Amplification 2x22W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 94 x 46 x 98 (cm)
Finish Real Dark or Light Oak
Optional Accessories Bench/Stool