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Yamaha B2E SG2 Silent Upright Piano

RRP: £5610

PRICE: £5452

The Yamaha Silent Piano
An acoustic piano with silent piano technology allowing you to play the acoustic piano or with headphones on and enjoy many of the benefits of a digital piano (hammers will no longer hit strings).

The Acoustic Piano  (Over 100 Years of Piano Making History)
The larger cabinet and heavier construction of the B2 allows for an increased effect of sting resonance to create a superior upright sound.

Yamaha B3E SG2 Silent Upright Piano


  • Depth of sound from strong back posts.
  • Throughout the range the piano cabinets get bigger – creating space for the sound to reverberate round the instrument better.
  • Surprising depth of sound from a compact and relatively inexpensive instrument.

The Silent Piano
The Yamaha Silent Piano system uses it’s unique sound-damping capabilities to allow you to play your piano with headphones (without disturbing others).  Flick the middle pedal and the hammers no longer hit the strings and you will instead hear the latest Yamaha sampled piano sound through your headphones but with no compromise in how the piano keyboard performs or feels – giving you the best of both worlds, an acoustic piano and a digital piano all in one.

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B2SG2PE Polished Ebony RRP £5,610 Web Price £5,452
B2SG2PEC Polished Ebony with Chrome Fittings RRP £5,820 Web Price £5,674
 Open-Pore Dark Walnut RRP £5,900 Web Price £5,759
 Polished Mahogany RRP £5,900 Web Price £5,759
Polished Walnut RRP £5,900 Web Price £5,759
Polished White RRP £5,900 Web Price £5,759
Satin Natural Cherry RRP £5,900 Web Price £5,759
Natural Beech Satin Inlay RRP £5,900 Web Price £5,759


Finance-Available-v12 A little more about our piano service

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  • Free UK mainland ground floor delivery by specialist piano movers (small charge if up flights of stairs)
  • First home tuning included as standard
  • 5 year warranty on all new or refurbished Yamaha pianos
  • If you stay in Edinburgh or Glasgow – ask about our free piano lessons included with a piano purchase

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SG2 Silent Piano Specification
Silent Piano Sound Sample taken from  the Yamaha CFIIIS full sized concert grand piano
Sampling Method: AWM (Advanced Wave Memory)
A stereo sampling method using digital technology to sample the sound of the Yamaha CFIIIS full size concert grand piano, recording samples of various playing strengths, which is filtered to create a high quality sampled sound.
Sounds: 10
CFIIISPiano, Electric Piano x 2; Harpsichord; Vibraphone, Celesta, Pipe Organ, Jazz Organ, Strings, Choir, + Reverb Options
Polyphony: 64
The number of sounds which can be played at one allowing full sound quality
Waverom: 30Mb
The storage level of sampled sound data.  The larger the Wave Rom the bigger and longer the piano  sample
Silent Piano Key Technology: QuickEscape
QuickEscape is Yamaha’s trade marked technology which stops the hammers hitting the strings but without affecting touch or feel
There a world of modern apps that you can use to progress and enliven your piano experience
Connect to a PC/iPad  for use with music software or connect to other MIDI compatible instruments and sound sources
Aux In – Connect a device to play along with audio Files
Aux Out – Output the sound to a hifi / external  amplification

Height: 113 cm
Width: 149 cm
Depth: 53 cm
Weight: 194 kg

Yamaha Personal Piano Brochure
Download/View the Yamaha Upright Piano Brochure (PDF)