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Yamaha Disklavier Enspire DGB1 ENST 4’11” Grand Piano

RRP: £22960

PRICE: £22175

NEW – the Disklavier Enspire ST – with exciting new ways to listen, learn and play.

Streamlined design: no more control box as per previous generations. The Disklavie Enspire can be seamlessly controlled by Apple iOS and Android devices (or Mac & PC) with access to over 500 built in songs and over 6,000 performances that can be downloaded directly to the piano. Connects directly to WiFi.

  • High quality streaming and video services available direct to your TV (for example have Elton John simultaneously playing your piano and on your TV screen)
  • With unprecedented high resolution recording and playback accuracy – an incredibly clever built in recording system that monitors and reproduces key, pedal and hammer action, recreating the subtlest nuances of your performance. Plus USB audio recording!
  • Built in Yamaha Silent System allowing the possibility of playing silently via headphones

The Disklavier

Experience your own piano performing live for you in your chosen room – something a CD and speaker system will never come close to. With a massive library of piano music to choose from covering a vast range of musical genres. It can even allow other users to play your piano (via connection the Disklavier to the internet) – great for teaching, distance learning or exciting multi location performances! And with hundreds of hours of storage space – record and preserve every part of your performance (for the piano to play back to you). An all in one entertainment system featuring a powerful built in audio system you can also play with audio / backing tracks (or along with the built in library of digitally sampled instrument sounds). Incredibly easy to control (and can also be controlled via iPhone/iPad)

Visit Key Player today and experience the stunning Yamaha Disklavier for yourself.

The Acoustic Piano (Over 100 Years of Piano Making History)
This piano is first and foremost a beautiful acoustic piano to be played by a physical player.  The GB1 offers a broad dynamic range with the superb Yamaha sound and resonance. Quality is completely uncompromised in this most affordable of Yamaha’s baby grand pianos


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Polished Ebony RRP £22,960 Web Price £22,175
Polished Mahogany RRP £24,180 Web Price £23,028
Polished White RRP £24,180 Web Price £23,028
Polished American Walnut RRP £24,180 Web Price £23,028

Piano Silencing Mechanism Yes (Motor-driven hammer shank stopper)
Tone Generation CFX Binaural Sampling / CFX Stereo Sampling
Max Polyphony 256 Notes
Voices (Playing) 16 (Piano, Electric Piano 1-3, Harpsichord 1 & 2, Vibraphone, Celesta, Pipe Organ 1-4, Jazz Organ, Strings, Choir, Synth Pad)
Voices (Playback) 480 XG Voices & 12 Drum Kits
Built in Songs 500 (Pop, Jazz, Clas sical, Smart Key etc . 380 piano solo son gs (PianoSoft Solo), 72 songs with instr umental accompanimen ts (PianoSoft Plus), and 48 songs with a udio backing (PianoS oft Audio))
Recording Yes
Fine Tuning Yes
Terminals Headphones x 2, MIDI In/Out, Stereo Out, Digital Out, USB to Device x 3, USB to Host, LAN, OMNI/Sync In/Out
Sensor Unit Key Sensors Non-contact Optical Fiber Grayscale Shutter Sensing System for 88 keys (Sensors for the key position, keying velocity, and key releasing velocity)
Sensor Unit Pedal Sensors Damper & Shift pedal:Non-contact Optical Position-sensing System, Sostenuto pedal:ON/OFF Detection Sensing System
Drive Unit Key Drive DSP Servo Drive System (Servo-controlled solenoids, Key sensor feedback)
Drive Unit Pedal Drive DSP Servo Drive System (Servo-controlled solenoids)
Included Monitor Speaker x2, Speaker Hanger x2, Stereo Headphone, Operation Manual, Built-in Song List, Music Book 50 Greats for the Piano, USB Wireless LAN Adaptor (UD-WL01)*