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Hymn Technology HT300 Digital Hymnal

RRP: £1999.00

PRICE: £1999.00

Your electronic organist for when you have no church organist! The HT300 Digital Hymnal Player is the ideal solution being used by many churches today to resolve the problem of being unable to find a regular organist.

Designed from ground up to provide a solution to a lack of organist and other musicians, the HT300 Digital Hymnal Player is a compact portable unit with built-in speakers and stand, featuring state of the art upgradeable hymn technology. With approx 2,750 tunes, 200 sampled sounds built in and full control over tempo, key and instrumentation. It’s MP3 and MIDI compatible, has upgradeable upgradeable song repertoire options and is custom programmable.The HT300 hymnal plus allows you to plan and store a service for instant recall at a later time (so that your service can be prepared and saved in advance for easy playback during the service) and has the capacity to store multiple hymn playlists so you can have pre recorded church music. The HT300 Digital Hymnal player is always ready to supply your musical needs.


Hymn Technology HT300 Digital Hymnal2

Key Benefits
* The Perfect Solution for Your Music Accompaniment Needs
* Instant Music
* No Musical Knowledge Needed
* Upgradeable Song Repertoire (Including most recent Mission Praise + CH4)
* Total Portability for Use Anywhere
* 27 Megabyte Sampled Sound Technology.
* Store multiple playlists/services (Playlist naming facility)
* MIDI, MP3 and text files can also be included in playlists
* Connect to Projector or TV for Display of Hymn Lyrics (lyrics user supplied via PC or qwerty keyboard connection)

Digital Hymnal Features
* Easily opearted touch screen display
* Introduction and Amen function
* Upgradeale Song Repertoire (such as CH4, Songs of Fellowship, Spiritualist Hymn Book, Junior Praise & Mission Praise Additions amongst others)
* Play user supplied MIDI, MP3 and text files
* Tempo Select
* Transpose
* Number of Verses
* Volume Control
* Full Feature Remote control
* Multiple Memory Feature
* Smart Media Storage
* Automatic Last Verse Retard
* Re-voice parts
* Pause Button
* Style Selection (save favourite style combinations)
* Metronome Feature
* Microphone Input
* Video Display Output (input and display hymn lyrics)
* Automatic Power shutoff
* Hymn Scan
* Voice Solo
* Continuous Sequence Play
* Demo function Connections & Accessories
* Stereo Internal Speakers (2 x 10W)
* Psalm Trigger
* Qwerty Keyboard
* Microphone In
* Audio Out Right
* Audio Out Left
* Headphones
* Video Display Out
* Compact Flash Socket Optional Accessories
* Ni Cad battery
* Carry Case
* Combo Amplifiers (various)
* Video Display Output Board
* Psalm Player with Trigger
* Short Qwerty Keyboard

Optional HT300 Accessories
HT-300 Psalm Player option (with trigger and 242 recordings indexed to The Parish Psalter) £199.00
HT-300 Display Output option £159.00
3000mAh NiMh rechargeable battery pack£64.99
High Quality Audio Cable (5m) £24.99
High Quality Audio Cable (10m) £36.99
High Quality Audio Cable (20m) £58.99

Optional Additional Book Indexes
Prices include book index software upgrade, matching tune repertoire and one-off lifetime MCPS copyright licence fee (applicable within the EU only)
Complete Anglican Hymns Old & New £199.00
Common Ground £89.00
Church Hymnary 4 £199.00
Complete Mission Praise (1144 hymns) £149.00
Complete Mission Praise 25th Anniversary Edition (1250 hymns) £199.00
CCLI UK Top 25 (current Top 25 at time of purchase supplied) £49.99
Gathering Mass (Inwood) £79.00
Greater World hymn book £49.00
Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise £199.00
Junior Praise (Combined Edition) £149.00
Mass of the Bread of Life (Rizza) £79.00
Merbecke Holy Communion £79.00
Mass of New Wine (Ogden) £79.00
Mass of Creation (Haugen) £79.00
Songs of Fellowship 2 £199.00
SNU hymn book £99.00
St Annes Mass (McMillan) £79.00
Mass of St Thomas (Thorne) £79.00

Visit the manufacturer’s own website for online sound samples or contact us for more info or to request a free demonstration in your church (Scotland only)