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Yamaha DXR-10 Powered Loudspeaker

RRP: £596

PRICE: £496

In collaboration with the pro sound loudspeaker experts NEXO…extremely powerful class-D amplifiers across the range blended with Yamaha’s cutting edge acoustic, structural and signal processing techologies. Delivering high output, extreme clarity and reliability. Unequalled sound quality no matter the volume or power.

Yamaha DXR-10 Powered Loudspeaker1

Custom Designed Transducers Durable Compact ABS enclosures Dual Angle Pole Mount Socket Intelligent Onboard 3 -channel mixer Wide Dispersion Bi-amped 2-way Speakersystem INPUT: XLR-3-31 x1 , INPUT2: Phone x2, INPUT3: RCA PIN x 2, THRU: XLR3-32 x 1 (Parallel with INPUT 1 ), LINK OUT: XLR x 1 (DXS: INPUT: XLR-3-31 x2 , THRU: XLR3-32 x 2(Parallel with INPUT)) DPR Max SPL Fr. Range LF HF Coverage Dimensions Weight DXR8 1100W 129dB SPL 57Hz-20kHz 8″ Cone 1.4″ diaphragm, 1″ throat H90°x V60° 280x458x280mm 13.5kg DXR10 1100W 131dB SPL 56Hz-20kHz 10″ Cone 1.4″ diaphragm, 1″ throat H90°x V60° 305x502x310mm 14.6kg DXR12 1100W 132dB SPL 52Hz-20kHz 12″ Cone 1.4″ diaphragm, 1″ throat H90°x V60° 362x601x350mm 19.3kg DXR15 1100W 133dB SPL 49Hz-20kHz 15″ Cone 1.4″ diaphragm, 1″ throat H90°x V60° 445x700x380mm 22.5kg DXS12 950W 131dB SPL 47Hz-160Hz 12″ Cone – – 397x563x594mm 33kg DXS15 950W 132dB SPL 45Hz-160Hz 15″ Cone – – 478x618x624mm 38kg