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The Hymnal Plus

Hymn Technology HT300 Digital Hymnal2We are proud to be the Scottish and Northern Ireland agent for Hymn Technology’s Hymnal Plus, an ingenious unit for churches (and prisons, schools and hospitals)  who unfortunately do not have a regular organist or musician available,

Simple to operate, you have full customisability in how the tunes sound including instrument and organ sounds, pitch change, tempo, number of verses and much more.  Plus create your service in advance with all the tunes just how you want them, ready for simple playback during the service.

With over 2,700 worship tunes included as standard plus the option to add in additional hymn books and repertoire including CH4 and newer Mission Praise (and much more)

To arrange a no obligation demonstration at your church / place of worship do call Kerr McIntosh on 0131 556 3005 or contact us via the contact us page.